Album Review: Flyleaf- New Horizon

New Horizons is definitive Flyleaf. From the frantic energy of the first track, “Fire Fire,” to the ballad-prayer finale of “Broken Wings”, a song which diehard fans might recognize from the band’s first EP, New Horizons stands amid the Flyleaf discography as perhaps the most diverse and deeply emotive record that the band have released thus far. And, though unfortunate, it’s oddly fitting that Flyleaf’s last record with Lacey Sturm also might be their best.

Like Flyleaf at their best, New Horizons covers a broad emotional and stylistic range. There are poppy songs,  like the vindicating “Cage on the Ground”, and hard rock ones, like “Green Heart” and “Freedom”, which remain melodically satisfying despite attaining status as some of the band’s heaviest and most aggressive music. And there are powerful anthems, like “Saving Grace” and “Stand”, doubtless future fan favorites from which the band ooze their glowing spirituality. Flyleaf are leaders on both Hard Rock/Metal and Christian Rock charts, and it’s no surprise: they cover a broad thematic spectrum, and do so genuinely.

All things considered, New Horizons might be a fitting name for Flyleaf’s third studio album. With lead vocalist Lacey Sturm stepping down a week before the album’s release date, it will be interesting to hear how the band develops around new vocalist Kristen May. Though lead singer changes can often be damning to a band, Flyleaf prove with New Horizons that they’re facing no shortage of musical creativity to guide them through their next era of music.








New Horizons

1. “Fire Fire” 3:03
2. “New Horizons” 3:09
3. “Call You Out” 2:22
4. “Cage on the Ground” 3:24
5. “Great Love” 3:42
6. “Bury Your Heart” 3:35
7. “Freedom” 3:20
8. “Saving Grace” 3:44
9. “Stand” 3:40
10. “Green Heart” 2:44
11. “Broken Wings” 3:34

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