Album Review: Sithu Aye- Inventing the Universe

In a sea of progressive metal and “djent” instrumental acts, Sithu Aye should raise some eyebrows with his newest release, Inventing the Universe. 

Unlike the title implies, Inventing the Universe doesn’t reinvent the genre, and is certainly not going to revolutionize progressive metal for a new generation. But Sithu Aye attains something that many cookie-cutter djent-by-numbers acts can’t: overall and overarching competence.

Invent the Universe is chock full of dazzling instrumental moments and catchy melodies. Electronic instrumentation, which almost seems to take a page from the rap book of beat-making, seams perfectly with Sithu Aye’s extraordinary guitar work.  Conceptually, the record moves from one track to the next with fluid consistency. This record has flow.

Is Sithu Aye the next Cloudkicker? Maybe, maybe not. But he’s just as good, and Inventing the Universe is certainly an indication that there may be much, much more coming from Sithu’s creative wellspring.

You can name your price and download Invent the Universe from Sithu’s bandcamp, here.

1. Invent the Universe 01:27
2. Grand Unification (feat. David Maxim Micic) 05:00
3. Expansion 03:45
4. Baryogenesis 06:19
5. Particles Collide (feat. Plini) 05:40
6. Nucleosynthesis (Interlude) 01:36
7. Recombination 06:11
8. Dark Ages 06:43
9. Formation 04:38
10. Pale Blue Dot 04:48

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